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I know what you mean, that is often a problem with these big chains, and perhaps why I did not like the West Orange store. I did not find Lou to be that way, maybe because I am a sophisticated buyer.

I found intereting wines from Patagonia and Uruguay. Have not sceen a lot of these regions elsewhere. Also found a really good Chilean Sav Blanc.

And all these http://manoavino.typepad.com/mano_a_vino_montclair/2012/03/here-are-some-great-value-wines-that-we-served-for-a-happy-birthday-party.html

Where do you like to shop?

I am sure Lou did his job and tried to sell you the brands they own or have as exclusives. I have always found most of the wines to be common. I am curious what inreresting wines you found there, because I might need to take another look. Cheers

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