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"Our Wine Doctor Intelli-Stoppers™ use new True-Seal technology, which prevents oxygen from leaking into the bottle after the seal is made. Our Intelli-Stoppers™ use a built-in red indicator to show that the vacuum is not degrading, and the wine is safely preserved."

Actually, they prevent AIR from re-entering the bottle, which is about 21% Oxygen. In fact, the volume of air that remains after sealing with an Intelli-Stopper still contains 21% oxygen, so this is not a perfect tool.

The BEST way to preserve an open bottle of wine is to pour the contents into a smaller bottle that will not have room for ANY air (a 375 ml, or a smaller cruet work very well).


Tried the air cork which after a year the valve began leaking and the balloons degraded too frequently. I also tried most of the others with bad results. Since seeing this on Shark Tank and reading the above test I will certainly give it a try. If it works a lot of restaurants should adopt this product because nothing is more aggravating than getting stinky wine.

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