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sound like a great place

If you have the chance; best chinese food/on special location ever: try Venice at 500m off the fish market.

I consider myself a chinease food lover, by that I mean I could eat it everyday, and the quality never really mattered to me, but since trying T.S. Ma recently it is by far the freshest I have ever had. I ordered online at Myofo.com, the food was in higher end containers,(not that it matters, but it seems like it does) and everything just seemed to taste "better".

Sounds good but I have yet to find a tofu dish I like.

We wife and I enjoyed excellent chinese food at a little restaurant outside of Winston-Salem, NC and then I was transferred to where I grew up and we found TS MA because of a flyer left on our door in Cedar Grove.

The food has been excellent, the delivery the fastest I've ever experienced and the order is always correct.

Have not had the experience of dining at their restaurant, but once again this evening we will dine on their delicious food at the house.

T.S.Ma has been a star with me in NYC. I was so exited when a retaurant owned by one of the Ma brothers opened in Montclair. We were very overdue for gourmet Chinese in our locale. I have dined in the restaurant 3 times and have ordered out numerous times. I have never been disappointed no matter which of their delicious menu items I have ordered. If you haven't yet tried this Montclair newcomer, do it soon!

We order TS Ma at least once/week. Have never dined "in". We love it - very consistent, quality food. At times, there is a dish that may lack a powerful flavor, but the food always tastes fresh.

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