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I had been hearing nothing but great things about Elevation Burger and finally got my husband to go with me for a bite. I was not disappointed. These burgers are probably the best I have ever eaten. The fries were great, too. I sampled some of hubby's banana shake. All I can say is OMG!!! It's a good thing I don't live too close. I would be there every day!

These burgers are seriously delicious! They are super fresh and don't make you feel like you need 3 gallons of water for 3 hours to wash down the saltiness. I had the same toppins you did... carmelized onions on a fastfood burger? How awesome is that. In fact, I think my hubby and I may go back tonight for another - we have been craving them. And I don't feel as guilty because of the high quality of the ingredients. Yum!

Ps, if you want a really great burger, go to Early Birds on 139 Pompton Ave, Little Falls, those kids pay great attention to their biz, great stuff!

Matt may be a great guy and the burgers may be free range but generally I found the best part to be not having to get up to get my food and then not having to tip anyone. The burger was not well stacked, like something out of McDonalds, the bun was lousy, fries a bit greasy and seriously salty (which is not a bad thing but really salty!). All in all, as a burger mavin who goes around trying new burger joints often with a couple of buds, I won't be back any time soon.

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