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Last night I went to a great fundraiser at 49 Grove for the Susan G. Komen’s Race For The Cure Breast Cancer Charity. The weather sucked and only 100 or so people showed but the place was really high end and nice. Much nicer then I expected a fundraiser to be. Little touches like pink roses all over the place, scented candles, mints with the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon on them, even the staff had pink ribbons on. The only thing that I didn’t like about the place was the location, West Village and we live uptown and that there was no food at the event.

I had my birthday at 49 grove last Saturday night. The place was a bit to packed but had a lot of fun. Good looking crowd, great DJ and very
strong drinks. A bit too strong for some of my friends, but their light weights. All the staff were really attentive and made a point of
taking care of us. When we left the club we even got a thank you from what turned out to be the owner. It wasn’t your usual B.S. “Thank you
come again,” either and for that I want to plug this place as a great place for a birthday.

Good idea Mark.

The food has many influences. I guess I would call it new Italian American, but it also has French and Middle Eastern flavors as well.


I didn't see in this what kind of food they serve besides the lunch menu. You should say if it's american, italian etc in the review

I live around the corner from The Orange Squirrel and met Francesco during the gutting and renovation. We spied in the windows and checked in with him regularly on our dog walks. His enthusiasm and attention to detail really got us excited for the place to open. We went on opening night and
have been there at least 10 times. I've tried most menu items and have liked, if not loved, them all. Generally if we go on a Saturday, it's early (before 7:00). It's nice to walk to a great place and then be able to walk back home. I've sat at the bar with friends - or alone and met new friends - and enjoyed a drink or a full meal. I've also had lunch there. The burger was great, but the hotdogs were average. LOVED the slaw. I could eat a bucketful.

As many reviewers have mentioned, it can get loud and crowded. I think if you know that going in or plan to avoid peak times, it's alright.

As a fairly frequent diner, it's great to go when they have a "tasting menu" so that you can try other things that are not on the daily menu. My husband doesn't eat fish, so he has more limited options - and thoroughly enjoys and does not mind paying for - a special meal of smaller courses for the variety that it offers. We did Valentine's Day and Halloween. Both were 4 courses for $80 pp. Occasionally, they offer a spirit and food pairing on random Tuesdays (which are planned well in advance and advertised).

I hope more people will go during the week. It really is a different place when it's not packed and loud. I like sitting by the window, but also enjoy the table at the back so I can spy into the kitchen. Regarding the service, I feel like we are always well taken care of. Is this because we are neighbors? I could only guess.

A friend has been to the restaurant twice and enjoyed it both times. I'll give it a go next week.

I am dying to try this place.
Will go based on your review!

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