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Be lucky y'all have sushi places to go to! LOL Here in Arlington, Texas we have VERY few choices and those I've eaten at were not the best quality. I'm learning how to make sushi myself at home - for one, it's healthy and for two, it's beautiful, and for three, it's helping me lose weight. I think up north y'all have better fish restaurants than we do in the South.


Sorry you had a bad time.

I like Totowa better than Morristown because it has a seperate dining room. Morristown gets very crazy with the bar and dining in one big room.

Also if is authentic sushi you want, I agree, Sushi Lounge is not the place.

Have you ever gone to Blue Ribbon in SOHO?

Hated this place. Though the sushi was very good, it was not authentic.
Too many "fancy" rolls and heavy sauces.
But the bad part was the service.
HORRIBLE. I almost SMACKED the hostess at the Morristown location.
This place is for 25 year olds. Hated it.

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