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Thank you for your comments coeilpmmnts. I actually have a very good spanish accent and can roll my R's like the dickens. I will talk about Rioja soon, and Roll that R like Nobody's business!!@ElJefe Thanks so much for adding your professional view and opinion. I was not aware of the TAPAS organization! Do you serve little appetizers at the meetings? I've had the chance to taste The Spaniard, and enjoyed your release party in Sept 2008 very much. It was a great wine, and I have indeed recommended it many times since then. I will have to get a bottle, and taste it along side some Rioja Tempranillos, as I would love to discuss the similarities and differences the terroir of Spain and Murphy's impart on the grape. Without a side by side tasting, it's inconceivable.Cheers!

Discover Chile- a rising wine star in the New World. Learn about Chilean culture, cuisine, geography, wines and much more in http://vino.com/country/chile/.

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