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I went to their store on Saturday evening intending to purchase a couple of pies. But I felt like I was invisible. After I said something, I was responded to bruquely, and then I still stood around waiting to order, while regular customers who walked in after I did were served promptly. I walked out. I will not be returning to waste my time with a bunch of sourpusses.

We bought 3 steak, mushroom and cheese pies yesterday for dinner. My husband found a hair baked into the filling of his pie. Ew. Thinking back, I saw a guy with longish hair not wearing anything on his head who was mixing up a floury mixture. So with my two young sons in tow, I took the pie back today and got a full refund and apology. But, the owner was also snippy and said several times sarcastically, "Thanks for being discreet." Guess she was not happy there was another customer in the store at the time. She did comment that they did wear head coverings but sometimes the hair happens. The same guy with the longish hair was wearing a baseball cap today. Guess that's their substitute for a hair net? After I left, I heard her mocking me through door with the open vent, "Oh, did you hear how she complained about the hair in her pie and imitated me." I shouted back that I could still hear her. Really, she's mad at me, when my husband ate one of the pies with the hair in it? Obviously won't be going back there.....

The steak, ale & mushroom pie is out of this world! Savoury and with a rich, falky crust.

Ditto the custard tartlets - not too sweet, with puff pastry and a touch of spice.

I did not know about this place, I always buy pie from Gina's in Montclair, which is amazing.........will run to The Pie Store for the turkey stuffing pie. Sounds amazing, and I like that there is only top crust, bottom crusts always seem to be mushy. Thanks for the tip!

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