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Stews is really pushing his private label wines. Why because they are priced high, and you cant comparision shop , they are no better than anything else.

Stews is a lot of song and dance and not much substance. Yes I am in the wine biz and would prefer to shop at well run mom and pop stores.

Thanks much; so I'm not crazy after all (not entirely, anyway). I went into the new Clifton S.L. with great expectations, and left w/o any wine - was it just me? Guess not. Nice woody decor, lots of tables featuring specific producers (as in "volume producer"), relatively few racks and few wall cabinets, surprisingly limited selections on them.

Shoppers Vineyard is definitely better, but I also like Rutherford Wine Shoppe on Park Avenue (Rutherford NJ, of course). Scott the manager packs a LOT of interesting wine in a small space. His prices are fair if not rock-bottom, and he's even getting the kids who work there interested in the finer things. Good microbrew beer selection too. A lot more cramped than S.L., but a good (often great) wine is always just an arm's length away.

Thanks for those comments, where is your new wine store. I would like to stop by to say hello.

I totally agree. I visited the store in Paramus and was amused at their selection. They are light in Spain, S. Africa, and the Italin reds are boring. It is a good store for the basic wine buyer who likes to buy what they know.The large stacks you see are exclusives. It is how they keep the GP up. In the Clifton area Shppers Vineyard is the best bet. To be fair I have to tell you that I was the wine manager their 3 years ago. As for the Montinore the wine took a price hike a couple of month ago from the distributor. I worked for said distributor until today, because I bought my own wine shop. Keep up the good work.

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