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It's a mix of Bonarda, Malbec and Merlot grapes - the tag at Astor place revealed this apparent secret - also on the Astor site it has these three grapes listed on the Porteno page, though it doesn't specifically designate that these are in fact the grapes in the wine.


That is my theory as well.

It's very drinkable. And Astor has it on sale right now for $3.99, if you can believe that. My theory is that it's surplus wine from another winery, but I just made that up.

I Just opened a bottled and is a preatty good wine with full strong flavors in spice and fruits. I recomend this with food since its strong flavors adds to the food. My favorite been the cabernet sauvignon this porteno falls close to this into the semi-dry category. I still find Bordaux and cabernet to be drink alone more deleitable

Bought at Astor. Excellent buy. I will be buying a case.
Full bodied with a spicy flavor that stands up well to full flavored meat and chicken

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