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I love your pastrami and had my first bad sandwich out of about twenty great ones. It was this past Sunday and I should have said something when the counter man started slicing on the machine instead of hand carving. Fatty,skimpy,a total bummer, but of course I will be back.

Anybody with a sense of quality in every dish will LOVE Irving"s. Food is more than nourishment...it needs to be FUN, and eating just by yourself or with a bunch of friends will have a delicious time. Authentic atmosphere with just the right furniture, a real deli counter, attentive wait staff make this restaurant an experience worth the drive. Twenty minutes to Livingston or ...how long to Brooklyn ? ...you tell me.
Try something different....THE RUBIN DOG....unbelievable....share one as an appetizer to have another for main....you won't believe, believe me.

Bring your wine, bring friends, take your time and really ENJOY !!


ah.. Irvings.. What did they do right? What DID they do to that Matzo Ball? It WAS as heavy as a small stone. The inside of the Matzo Ball was cold and hard (uncooked) and the weight was a dead giveaway to the top being opened PRIOR to the their readiness. The broth was flavorless and needed much salt and pepper to bring up the flavors. This is not to say that the wait staff was as cold as the Matzo Ball in my soup.. They were wonderful.. The restaurant, crowded with lunch folks all seemed happy enough.. But with Morristown-Deli just around the corner from my house, I'll continue to go there for lunch.. Irvings'? Close, but no cigar.

I'm hoping to try their Matzo Ball soup today. If it turns out to be an anvil, I will certainly let my readers know. Until then.. a surprise may await me!

If you use a debit or credit card, be sure to check your account! I went in yesterday for a cup of matzah ball soup. Thinking it might be like Mom's I was terribly disappointed. The broth was tasteless and the matzah ball sank like an anvil. To top it off, they charged me twice! The first for the correct amount $3.95 plus tax and the second time for $106.65!

Ahhh...great food Irving's....their desserts are delicious too! Try their 7 layer cake, it is very moist & fresh!

Very disappointing. How they can be called a real "kosher delicatessen" is beyong me when the pastrami, which by the way was awful, was not even "kosher", as confirmed by the manager. It was more like eating thick slices of ham, with no grain or juiciness. My beef stew was tasty but the meat was dry and tough, saved by good noodles and gravy. Soup was lukewarm and it apalls me to pay $1.95 for a Dr. Browns can of soda, as well as $1.00 extra for lean cut of meat that was horrible to begin with. Only redeeming qualities were the full sour dills (nice and crunchy) and the cole slaw. The sour tomatoes were second rate and soft. Confirming our opinion was a couple seated next to us (first time visitors also) who complained not only of the quality of the food but also how expensive it was. Our bill for 4 was $74.00 not including tip. Kinda high. I'd surely recommmend Harold's N.Y.Deli in Edison as a far superior alternative.

Having grown up in East New York, Bklyn., where there was a kosher deli on every other corner, and whose grandparents had their own kosher deli (with home-cured meats) I think I know a thing or two about delis. Irving's tries to do the right thing, such as having their pastrami made for them in Brooklyn(!) and using Yonah Shimmel's knishes (which are flavorful but too dry.) The pastrami is excellent, as good as is currently available anywhere.
I can't speak for their other products, having only sampled the pastrami and knish, but it is difficult to go wrong with a place trying as hard as they. Go and enjoy.

Irving's wasn't a top notch jewish eatery, though, one that can get you your fix. Many things were off about our dining experience there. 1. The wait staff seems to lack coordination. Our son's high-chair took 5 minutes - one came out, but was commandeered by a busboy who had no remorse in making us stand longer for a table he was helping that came in 3 minutes after us. The busboy walked by and smiled when i told him it was for us...pretty juvenile, but no surprise when a young 20-something is in charge of things on the floor, huh. 2. Our server then had to stop in the middle of taking our order to get our pickles/coleslaw. The busboys, too busy talking in the corner, had failed to do their initial interaction with these items, but why she stopped in the middle of our order (as my wife was in mid sentence) was curious, at best. 3. The matzoh ball soup was luke warm, and the MB itself was rather tasteless, as was the soup (It wasn't golden and rich, but pale yellow and watery). Good balance of pepper, but lacking otherwise. 4. For a place that dares compare itself with classic NYC delis, the corned beef was a pretty tough since it was cut WITH THE GRAIN, allowing the natural toughness of the cut to stand out. They go for the thick cut, so there is no way around this textural dilemma. Also curious was how extra lean costs more, a first in my 40+ years. In every other place I have ever found the classic jewish meats, the FAT CUT is extra for flavor purposes. Hmmm... 5. Like many places, IRVINGS does not have anything but brown mustard. This is no crime, but for many who enjoy different kinds of mustards/condiments, the meat gets pigeon-holed in with their already-salty mustard to create a sodium aftertaste that sticks around for days (seemingly). The management could have cared less about our marginal experience, so don't expect much when/if things are off.

Highlights included the coleslaw, the brisket - good fat marble while also being cooked until super-tender, the knish (also had a nice pepper balance while being lighter than their dense Manhattan brethren) and the easy parking. It isn't to be avoided, but IRVINGS seems like it is a place that will hold you over until you can get to a REAL jewish deli. Go because it is convenient, but not if you have to travel far and are expecting the HOLY GRAIL (or ARK OF THE COVENANT, as the case may be).

Decent, but not worth telling the grandparents in Palm Beach about....

We just had our first delivery from there. The Reuben was excellent as was the Pastrami. They have some 4 meat Goliath thing that's on our life-list to try at some point. Their macaroni salad, onion rings, and date-nut bread with cream cheese were also wonderful... especially for delivery - nothing was soggy & was fresh as can be. I agree with the prior comment on the rye breat, it was very good & did not fall apart as happens quite often with similar sandwiches.

Great stuff, we'll be ordering from there quite a bit!

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