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Where'd Tomo go???

Tomo's is wonderful. The fresh is unusually fresh, the sushi offerings and many appetizers are unusual, the service is friendly and the prices are reasonable. I missed Tomo's when he left South Orange and am so happy to have found him again in Little Falls.
Jonathan Ben-Asher - Maplewood

we remember tomo from south orange and have wondered where he went. (still have my tomo shirt.) best sushi and sashimi around (including the city). see you soon tomo.
rmember! no junk sushi!

This is a strange review. I haven't been to this restaurant although i am considering it, but it's unclear to me why there are caveats about this place. Please state what they are. God knows, I don't want Nobu-style fake-sushi, but please explain what's the issue here.

We are diehard Tomo fans from his (and our favorite waitress/hostess Fin's) days in SO.
Our entire family of 5 enjoys Tomo Cuisine more than anyplace else. We eat the sushi/sashimi and the kids devour the California rolls and Tempura Udon.

Best and most authentic Japanese food in the region! Great service. Fabulous fish treats.

Tomo's is a WONDERFUL restaurant; the food is divine, the service impeccable, and the specials are something not often seen in this area. Make sure and try the pork belly ,and the fresh sardines in ponzu (yum!). I would recommend this restaurant to everyone who enjoys a fabulous and healthy meal at a reasonable price!

I would describe this restaurant as a place for hard core sushites!

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