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Oh my gosh, I am so sorry that this place closed up! Uruguayan grain-fed beef, flown in daily, couldn't be topped (at least not locally). Gaucho's space was taken by a fine new Italian place, though, called Gencarelli's - which has nice food and a lovely dining grotto.

I asked my vegetarian husband to take me to a steak dinner for my birthday...and we chose Gaucho. We had a GREAT experience. Not only was my steak delicious, but there were several things for my husband to eat. The white bean dip and bread they put on your table are incredible without being too filling, and the panqueques for dessert - oh my! Our service was terrific and we left feeling full and happy.

Gaucho restaurant in Montclair no words to discribe how poor everything is ICE COLD FOOD 90% negative comments,maybe never RETURN( we are in the restaurant bussiness ) good luck

Very disappointed…arrived on-time for our reservations and sat at the table for 45 minutes before a waitress came over to take our order (and we were a group of 4 and only given 2 menus). The first thing that the waitress told us was that four or five menu items were no longer available because they ran out! At 8:15 on a Saturday night?? Poor planning. ONE empanada as an appetizer for $9…come on!!! Water was never refilled!! Server never came by the table to see if we needed anything! I asked for my steak to be cooked medium and it was still mooing!! Sent it back and had to wait even longer to eat! Almost all clams in the paella were closed!! Dessert was the best part of the meal. After sitting at the table for three hours listening to the chef yell at his staff we decided that we would not be returning. Food was not bad but unfortunately the service was TERRIBLE!!!

If you want a very authentic argentine dining experience, go to La Fusta on Tonnelle Avenue in North Bergen

Me and my girlfriend were really looking forward to try Gaucho. She is Argentinian and a very good Argentinian grill are hard to find around here. So, we stopped by around 7:30pm last Saturday evening and the place didnt look full. We get at the door and the hostess tells us they are sorry, but reservations only. We saw a bunch of tables open and she said they were for reserved for people coming later. Anyway, we had no choice but to leave.

Is this place usually reservations recommended?

We didnt have any reservations for any place in Montclair, so we walked up and down Bloomfield Ave, Church, and Fullerton deciding where to go eat. Usually on Sat nights I never make reservations any place in Montclair and always find a table, but places were packced last Sat! I wanted to try out "Trattoria Rustica" but not a seat available. We ended up at "Adiwann", the middle eastern place. Not what I had in mind, but that was the only place we could get in on Sat night.

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