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Having just moved to the neighborhood from the city, I was sure that I would be living in void of decent sushi (which is hardly living at all then). I was pleasently surprised--nay-- SHOCKED after trying Ocha. I have been to countless sushi joints--whether it be NY, LA, or Vancouver (each of which claim to have the best sushi)-- and I have to say, that Ocha was surprisingly competitive with some of the best ones. As someone who really doesn't care for Sushi Samba at all, I was doubly surprised.

I wouldn't make the mistake to compare Ocha with some of the super-high end sushi joints (i.e. Megu, Masa, etc.) but as far as "neighborhood/everyday" sushi places go, I have to say that very, very few other places I've been to are on par with this place.

I cannot say enough good things about the food. Purists may scoff (but then more for you and me), but I suggest the Sushi Pizza and N&J Roll as surefire bet.

After reading this article I visited Ocha myself. I have been a big Sushi Samba fan for several years now and I must say that Ocha's Sushi is competitive if not better than Sushi Samba. The Chef has masterfully created very unique selections and each roll is better than the next. I strongly recommend Ocha if you live in the Caldwell area. It's city quality Sushi without having the hassle of traveling into the city.

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