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Great Disco on Friday nights. The place to go if your looking for great food & staff. If your a single lady looking for a good time this is the place to go. You know what they say when in Rome ...

Not sure wich restaraunt you went to, but we were regulars when it was Giambotta & now Rome. ( which by the way the same owners were still there when we went back and so is carmine).Food is always great and so is the help. If you are yet to try it go in and ask for the manager Carmine. He takes care of my Family and I everytime we are there. Great atmosphere and love Entertainment. Its a must try.

Loved this restaurant. So the service may have been a bit slow, but well worth the wait. Fresh fish and seafood. Great sauce. Highly recommend

I just returned from our so-called dinner at this place and lets just say that if our experience is indicative of others, I give this place a few months to live. We sat down at 5:50 pm and at 6:10 a waiter finally came to our table to take a drink order. The drinks arrived in about 5 minutes and that was the end of the good part. The appeitizers, their famous meatballs and an order of clams oreganata arrived 20 minutes later. The meatballs were served without the sauce, the clams were burnt and all bread crumbs. By the way, no bread was ever placed on the table either. It took about 1/2 hour for the ceasar salad to arrive and it was not worth the wait. Soaked in a tasteless paste with no flavor or body whatsoever. Another 30 minutes passed with no sign of our main courses. The waiter said he asked the kitchen several times what the holdup was, but there we sat, rapidly losing our appetites with so much time between courses. The tables on either side of us who sat down between 45 minutes and an hour after us were already working on their main courses. I finally called over the manager to get her assistance. I would have been better off dialing 1-800- Who-GIVES-A-Damn. She could not even look me in the face as she blantantly lied that our order went in 3 minutes before the table to our right and it was all the fault of our waiter and not her kitchen staff. She told me she was going to take it out of the poor guys pay and I would not let that happen. I told her that when it is ready, pack it to go and charge me as I could not do that to the poor waiter and I cannot believe that she could do such a thing. She walked away in a huff and I could not get out of there fast enough. Some folks may be impressed by the large servings at this place, but what good are they when they come out hours after they are ordered. With the quality of staff on-board, this place is doomed for disaster.

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