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With all of the stories in the news of people who have received multiple DUIs, the increased crack downs on drunk drivers, and the horror stories of alcohol-related fatalities it seems to me that you and other wine lovers need to get your message out to more people. Let people know that drinking wine in moderation has been shown to have many health benefits. Spread the news about the fun and good times you have experienced with wine :-)

Great site. Keep up the posts!

You're right to stress that most wines are made for early consumption, but lots of good wines will improve with age (as opposed to those that will just last for a while in the bottle but not improve). Lots of entry-level Bordeaux will age well--a decade or two. I would not have expected a 2003 Pinot Grigio to be over the hill, for instance, unless it was left on a retailer's warm shelf for too long. And any wine by Elizabetta Foradori, including her entry-level Toreldego, will age well for a decade. Her top end wine, the Granato, can improve with age for 20 years. I don't know where you found the info on it being an early-drinking grape, but it ain't so!

Drinking windows in general are among the most subjective aspects of this whole obsession. The WS usually gives narrow, and early drinking windows. I find them way too conservative. On the other hand, the WA gives long aging windows to many Aussie wines that I don't think will age well for that long.

I'd hate for your readers to be turned off to some great wines if they think they need to focus on the most recent vintages. But, that said, your caution about paying attention to storage conditions in the stores you buy from is right on target. If the store isn't cool in the summer, be careful about buying anything older from them.

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